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We have frozen and cooked dumplings for sale at our shop! Our address is 1000S 8th Ave New York, NY 10019. We're located inside Columbus Circle's Subway Station, at Turnstyle Underground Market on 58th and 8th ave.

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New York Times-featured grab-and-go Pelmeni Shop. Frozen pelmeni for purchase online coming soon!


Pelmeni Catering

Each tray has 90 dumplings, serve 5 meals or 8 snacks, and includes 12oz of free sour cream & 16 chip dill pickles in pickle juice. Submit a form, call (929) 242-9064, or email


“Daa! Dumplings is serving up an authentic take on the pelmeni, a Russian-style dumpling that originates from the cold northern Siberian region of the country.” 


—  Thrillist



After a thrilling 2017 at Broadway Bites, Madison Square Eats, and Bryant Park Winter Village, we opened our first permanent location at Turnstyle Underground Market on February of 2018.

At our Pelmeni shop, you can try multiple dumpling recipes cooked fresh, or take locally-crafted 2lb bags of frozen dumplings made with organic flour to prepare at home. Traditionally served with sour cream, we also offer imported sauces such as adjika, and each order includes a New York deli-style pickle that comes on the side.

Vareniki, dumplings in chicken broth, and imported Kvas are also part of the menu. Daa! Dumplings is a proud food donor at St. Paul's House and we're also proud to be part of the Made in NYC community.

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