Russian Dumplings by Daa! Dumplings

Buy frozen pelmeni online! We ship anywhere in the USA. Our recipes are made with organic flour and local ingredients.



Each tray serves 5 meals or 8 snacks, and includes: 90 dumplings (you can split into two recipes), 12oz of free sour cream, 16 chip dill pickles in pickle juice, and 5 free Alyonka chocolates. If you prefer, you can email us at or you can call us at (929) 242-9064.



The past, reflects a thrilling 2017 of pop-ups with Urbanspace; where we explored our grab-and-go pelmeni concept, gained an initial customer-base, and landed significant exposure with TimeOut, CBS, and Eater. In 2018, we decided to take a shot at a permanent location in Columbus Circle's subway station (where we presently operate), and now offer not only grab-and-go pelmeni, but also frozen dumpling packs to prepare at home. Our staff (“the true faces of the company”) make us who we are, and we pay tribute to them in our new branding. Culture, creative quality products, and excellence in customer service will continue to be our focus for the future.

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"We're underground, in the subway"
1000S 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

At our dumpling stall, you can try multiple recipes cooked fresh, or take locally-crafted 2lb bags of frozen dumplings made with organic flour to prepare at home. Traditionally served with sour cream, we also offer imported sauces such as adjika, and each order includes a New York deli-style pickle that comes on the side. Vareniki, dumplings in chicken broth, and imported Kvas are also part of the menu.

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"We're underground, in the subway"
1000S 8th Ave New York, NY 10019